Technology I Use

I've been around a bit, so I don't really afraid of the technology. I love to take on new challenges, often in forms of new tech stacks. But, I am very comfortable with the following.


  • JavaScript;
  • TypeScript;
  • Node;
  • CSS;
  • Python;
  • PHP, to a smaller extent;
  • Java, only as a beginner.


  • React, when it comes to building an SPA or such;
  • Vanilla JS, when there is no need for a framework (this is a very common scenario);
  • Jest (optimally, with Testing Library) for testing.

That being said, I am a fan of design systems and component-based approach. For this, I use Storybook as a development and presentation layer.


I rarely use any CSS framework. I prefer doing all of this by myself to reduce boilerplate. All I get is a reset.


  • Django, when I need fully managed admin panel;
  • Flask or Express, when I want to have only REST or GraphQL endpoints with no front-end;
  • WordPress, when the budget is tight ;-)

And most of the time, Docker or Netlify for deployment.

Currently learning:

  • Vue;
  • Ruby;
  • Java.

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