I work on macOS only, having:

  • iMac "27 Late 2013, mostly for design and lightweight coding;
  • MacBook Pro "15 Late 2017, for Dockers, working around the town and all that jazz.

That said, I don’t have any external displays and a simple Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard for the iMac. And having said "jazz" before, I listen to music on:

  • Sony WH1000XM3, when I am at the laptop or commuting;
  • Focal Elegia hooked with JDS Atom and Topping D10, when on iMac.

As software goes, I try to be as much setup-less as possible. I want to sit in front of a new computer and be able to work as soon as possible. Nevertheless, my total must-haves are:

  • IntelliJ (with Material Theme UI), for coding;
  • Chrome, for browsing the Internet;
  • iTerm2 with oh-my-zsh, for writing npm install like a boss;
  • Qobuz, for music streaming.

Secondary software isn’t that important, yet I still install this when I have the time:

Yes, I put VSCode last, because I don’t like it all that much, but Sublime Text requires more configuration. And is paid.

When it comes to my phone, it’s an iPhone (currently X, with no need to upgrade, especially given the fact how ugly the new ones backs are) with the essentials:

  • Qobuz, for music;
  • Messenger, for talking with people in XXI century;
  • Spark, for email;
  • mBank, for making sure that I am spending too much.

The rest, like calendar, SMS and phone apps, are provided by the system. I have installed a lot more, but I don’t really use it more often than once a week. Yet it is nice to be able to track my package from Allegro or upvote things on Reddit from the comfort of an app, rather than from Safari. I have used LinkedIn, but removed it due to spam.

One thing I’d like to add, are gaming consoles. Even though my wife loves PC gaming, for me, there are only consoles. I basically buy whatever comes out, currently having:

  • PS4Pro;
  • Xbox One X;
  • Switch.

Disconnected and in the closet are: Wii and Wii U (sorry, still have things to play on you, pal!) old PS3, Xbox 360 (both first, "fat" editions) and a PSOne Classic. I had to dispose of my PS2 Slim, as it got damaged and stopped closing during transport. My PSX (the original, large model) was left at my mom’s house and had been thrown away as garbage (*wipes tears*).

I do realize that I am a very Apple-centric person. But to quote my colleague Filip:

Using macOS made me stop focusing on my computer, and let me focus on my job

And this is true.

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