my name is Tomek.

I am a web developer.

Curently open to new challenges. Let’s talk!

About me.

Developer, consultant and lead with over 14 years of commercial experience. Capable of managing projects from start (writing concepts, choosing technology, creating boilerplate and style guides) to finish (active development with strong understanding of agile methodology).

  • Clean and documented code fanatic;
  • Able to create scalable project architecture from scratch;
  • Functional and object-oriented programming user;
  • Experienced in optimization of front-end layer of web;
  • Rest API and GraphQL user;
  • Experienced in implementing new technologies in existing projects;
  • Able to create PoC and develop them into working applications;
  • Writes tests with good code coverage;
  • Strict code reviewer;
  • Proven team leader and team player.

A bit more info please.

Work Experience.

  • Front-end Lead / People Lead

    at optilyz


  • Senior Developer / Team Leader

    at TVN S.A.


  • Lead Developer

    at Batmaid


  • Area Lead / Senior Developer

    at 4Finance


  • Senior Developer

    at zety / interviewme.pl


  • Team Leader / Senior Front-end Developer

    at Gremi Media


  • Front-end Developer

    at syzygy / Ars Thanea


  • Front-end Developer

    at RadioZET.pl


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