About me

Hey there! My name is Tomek Buszewski and I’ve been "doing web" professionally for the past 14 years.

I've started to seriously work on web development after my 19th birthday, in 2008. Since then I am tackling various challenges: design, front-end or back-end development.

For over six years I was working as a freelancer. From simple designs, HTML and CSS mockups to fully-fledged websites, powered by various backends.

Since 2014 I am living in Warsaw. and has worked, among others, for Radio ZET, Ars Thanea/Syzygy, Rzeczpospolita, Parkiet, Vivus and TVN. I've started as a front-end developer, then senior and team leader.

As a developer, I am very pragmatic and quality-focused. I prefer choosing what I know over what is trendy at the moment. For me, requirements comes first, technology second, never the other way around.

As a lead/manager, I know that developer experience is the way to achieve productivity. I don't believe in tons of meetings and deliberation. It's better to develop a PoC rather than sitting and jabbering about something for two hours.

You can find the technology I've worked on the tech page. If you want to know on what I am working, see what I use.

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